June 9, 2014

The 6 bags every woman should own

1. Structured tote

Structured totes a simply must have in every closet. I would be perfect for work and school. It would look good both with a suit and jeans and t-shirt.

2. Cross body

Cross bodyis a must for shopping, travelling and errands. It will leave you hands free and carry all the necessities like wallet, phone and keys

3. "Neverfull" tote
Louis Vuitton called their signature tote Neverfull and the reason is obvious: it fits a lot.
This bag would be perfect for work, school and weekend out of town

4. Day clutch

Day clutches are perfect bags to grab a drink with your friends in the afternoon or to run some errands. And you can fit everything you need in it.

5. Evening clutch

No need to explain. We all need a gorgeous little clutch to go to a dinner, club or a birthday party.

6. Statement bag

Statement bag is a perfect accessorie for a simple outfit. And you don't necessarily have to buy a fur or embellished bag it can be just a simple bag in brigth color

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