May 24, 2011

Let's talk about favourite things(Bags)

I'm 100% sure that everybody has some favourite items.
I would like to share with you some of mine.

1. My Yenko bag. Was brought from Italy. Great item. But unfortunately a bit heavy.
Can be worn in 2 ways.

2.My Prada bag. Great red color and soft leather. It is something like 3 years old.It is cross-body bag,but I also prefer to wear it like handbag.

3. Leather handbag with no name from Italy. Very soft leather and love simple design.

sorry for face,gotta make fun all the time :D

3. Small python clutch. Also from Italy! I'm telling you,there are the best quality of bags and schoes in Italy.

Sorry,got just this photo

And what about your favourite items?



  1. Stacey you bought a lot of stuff here in Italy! Next time you're here just send me an email!!!

  2. ohhh...I love Italy and it's clothes. quality is so good!!

  3. wow! you bought here in Italy a lot of things.. :D I really like your bags! And your style :) xoxo


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