September 28, 2011


It's been few years since I'm following fashion bloggers. And  I finaly decided to create my own fashion blog. 
For me blog was more like my own little corner where I keep random stuff,share my thoughts and interact with other girls like me around the world. So I didn't have any passion in blogging untill I got a blog award from one stylish russian girl- The Nicky . It was not just award given to keep an awards chain,it was great post with list of her favourite blogs and personal opinion about each of them!So now is my turn to give an award for 10 favourite blogs.

After receiving an award from me,you should:
1. Place a link of senders blog in your blog
2. Place in a blog award logo.
3. Give award to 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those 10 blogs.
5. Send comments to your nominees of the award.
6. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself.

SignatureChic-saw this girl recently but already liked her style and following each post.

Nifesimi-really like her style,she is so creative all the time and she is also posting videos about her outfits,I find them really nice.

Viveme-great blog with best pickups from latest fashion shows!

The Nyanzi Report- mysterious person with amazing photos!Can't miss any post and photos are so inspiring!

Raindrops of Red- nice girl,nice style. And she is also writing about her life a little bit.

Miss Kwong- 2 words to describe her: classy and fabolous

Hook and Line-girl deff have style! photos are also great! unfortunately she's updating her blog rarely

Dream Love Shop- travelling and fashion! I'm reading every post!

Dont call me fashion blogger-very nice,positive person , always smilling and have great style. Casual and chic

The Nicky-great blog,easy to ready and interesting!(in Russian) But still, nothing can be compared with her style!

And now 7 fact about me:
1.If I'm wearing heels it's just for 1st half of the day.
2.I can't go to school(university) not wearing black or shirt(of course in warm weather)
3.I hate UGG shoes but I wear them,coz they are so cozy
4.I have a lot of belts,but wearing just one or two
5.I like 90's style,songs and the lifestyle.
6.Sometimes I draw
7.I looove dancing

September 27, 2011

The most popular girl in the world

I guess there is only one the most famous girl in the world. Always youg,glamorous, with perfect smile,hair, legs,huge wardrobe and perfect boyfriend. And it's not Paris Hilton as you might think.
It's Barbie! Yes,that is the girl I described above.

Barbie is a favourite doll of all the girls in the world. She can be anyone: model,surfer,dancer and so on, and she always stays perfect.
And I'm sure, sometimes(or all the time) we wanna be a little bit like her. And for sure we wanna have the same huge wardrobe!


September 25, 2011

Back to summer colors

While it's still hot here,I decided to use juicy colors for shool outfit

 Shoes-Clark's,Skirt-Forever 21
Shirt-Miss Selfridge,Belt-Ferre Jeans,

September 22, 2011

September 21, 2011

Dream Closet

   Today while making order in my bags I realised that I miss my place back in Kiev.
Here,in Hungary, I'm leaving in a rented flat,so I don't have a lot of space for my clothes,even tho I notice that my flat have more closets then others. I still have years of studying here,and I'm not really good at moving to other places(especially with this amoung of stuff). And all I can do for now is just dream that later in future I'll have walk in closet with huge number of shelfs!

So here is something to dream about:


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