September 27, 2011

The most popular girl in the world

I guess there is only one the most famous girl in the world. Always youg,glamorous, with perfect smile,hair, legs,huge wardrobe and perfect boyfriend. And it's not Paris Hilton as you might think.
It's Barbie! Yes,that is the girl I described above.

Barbie is a favourite doll of all the girls in the world. She can be anyone: model,surfer,dancer and so on, and she always stays perfect.
And I'm sure, sometimes(or all the time) we wanna be a little bit like her. And for sure we wanna have the same huge wardrobe!



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  2. Love Barbie!! I had so many growing up and they are in storage now - can't part with them! Barbie is an icon for sure!
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  3. Great post. :)
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  4. Oh barbie!! i love barbie!!
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  5. Thanks for your comment & visit.

  6. I looove barbies!!!

    Классный пост!

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