January 23, 2012

New in

As some of you know, I made a deal with myself-not not shop for a while. But when I saw all those winter sales it was really hard to stop myself from buying everything I saw! So here is what I got:

1.Golden dress,from the local store. 
It really reminded me of Balmain and it fits me so well so I decided that I should take it.

2. Leather jacket from New Yorker. 
I saw this jacket 4 month ago,but I didn't take it coz it was too expensive for such a poor quality,so I said to: "If  you,dear, are going to wait for me untill sales-we were meant to be together!" And guess what?! It was there!!!Waiting for me,only one last item and in my size!!!

 3. Bag from a local store.
Me and my best friend, saw this bag on sale and it was in 4 colors. But this one and brown-were the best.
We couldn't decide for a long time who should take it. So we both took it in two colors. I got this one and she got brown(although brown was better,but I already have few brown bags, so I don't regret it)

4. Shoes from the local store.
I feel so guilty about these shoes. My best friend saw them first but there wasn't her size, so she said that I should buy these gorgeous babies. And I'm so grateful,but still feel a little guilty...

 5. Got some make up stuff: 
2 metallic and 1 glitter nail polishes, eyeliner, lipgloss,that I was dreaming about and necklace from H&M

6. 2 tops from H&M

7. T-shirt from Pull&Bear

8.I asked my mum to bring me some of my clothes from Ukraine
 and I also asked to bring something from her closet. And I got are two oversized shirts that I fell in love with.
The interesting thing is that she has plenty of clothes which were hanged in her closet long time ago but they are still with price tags :D

9.  And of course 2 make up bags from H&M


January 20, 2012

Beverly Hills 90210 inspired

Long time no see! Sorry guys,I've been a lil busy with studying,parents and other stuff. But in a short breaks,I've been watching Beverly Hills 90210...again :P So I got inspired! There's just something about 90's . I love 90's music,clothes and really love the way they used to dance. Althought my friends laughing at me,when I'm showing them some random 90's videos. 
However I decided to make this post,coz I'm sure-at least one of you does like 90's ;)

Ok,sonow closer to fashion here are some certain item or looks that i like in these series:
1. High waisted jeans

2. Denim shirts

And there are also some looks that i really like
Detailed shirt and shorts-we do it nowadays as well!

Kelly's vest looks really cool

White blazer worn without shirt...I'm in love!

Love all the outfits here,but most of all Kelly's shorts with matching top

Donna looks great in demin skirt and dark top with a perl necklace

Don't tell me you do not adore that blouse!

Brenda and Donna really look hot in those outfits 

Nothing new here. But still-it looks great on Brenda!

So is there anyone who loves this stuff like I do? Really would like to hear opinion from you,guys!


January 8, 2012

Fur vest

Got this awesome fox fur vest and cowboy boots from my mum as a present for New Year. Really love it!

January 4, 2012

Looks in Sets

So here I am,finally came back from wonderful trip to Munich, finished studying and ready to have a new posts!
I don't have any new looks and I already told you why,so I decided to create some of my best looks from 2011 in Polyvore,that's where I spent my last few weeks on creating interior designs, which I wanna show you in my next post. But as for now, I got these for you:

1. From Striped dress post

 2. From Orange pants post

3. From Back to summer colors post

4. From Its cold outside post

5. From August 31 post

6. From Exams = no time post

7. From Where is barbie post

8. From Green and yellow post

9. From I'm finally back post

 10. From Orange pants post
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