January 23, 2012

New in

As some of you know, I made a deal with myself-not not shop for a while. But when I saw all those winter sales it was really hard to stop myself from buying everything I saw! So here is what I got:

1.Golden dress,from the local store. 
It really reminded me of Balmain and it fits me so well so I decided that I should take it.

2. Leather jacket from New Yorker. 
I saw this jacket 4 month ago,but I didn't take it coz it was too expensive for such a poor quality,so I said to: "If  you,dear, are going to wait for me untill sales-we were meant to be together!" And guess what?! It was there!!!Waiting for me,only one last item and in my size!!!

 3. Bag from a local store.
Me and my best friend, saw this bag on sale and it was in 4 colors. But this one and brown-were the best.
We couldn't decide for a long time who should take it. So we both took it in two colors. I got this one and she got brown(although brown was better,but I already have few brown bags, so I don't regret it)

4. Shoes from the local store.
I feel so guilty about these shoes. My best friend saw them first but there wasn't her size, so she said that I should buy these gorgeous babies. And I'm so grateful,but still feel a little guilty...

 5. Got some make up stuff: 
2 metallic and 1 glitter nail polishes, eyeliner, lipgloss,that I was dreaming about and necklace from H&M

6. 2 tops from H&M

7. T-shirt from Pull&Bear

8.I asked my mum to bring me some of my clothes from Ukraine
 and I also asked to bring something from her closet. And I got are two oversized shirts that I fell in love with.
The interesting thing is that she has plenty of clothes which were hanged in her closet long time ago but they are still with price tags :D

9.  And of course 2 make up bags from H&M



  1. I love the gold dress and the multicolor sandals! :)

    ♥ New Post at Dressy Celeb

  2. Great pieces. Love them all.
    That gloden dress is very pretty.

  3. These are all such Beautiful pieces!! That leather jacket reminds me of Chanel!

  4. Wow, you got so many hot pieces and I love the bag and that metallic dress. The cutout in the back is SO sexy. Thanks so much for sharing

    Following you now

  5. Love the shoes that you've bought!


  6. The Balmain like dress and the jacket are just stunning......
    and i need a yellow bag like yours :)

  7. all very nice leather jacket to shoes and shirts I really like it all! passes to visit when you want to kiss


  8. Hi!! I love your blog. Your boots is amazing. Great look ;*

    You see my blog ^.^

    Kisses ;**

    Nadine ;*

  9. Love the Jacket such a gorgeous piece ;-)

  10. We really adore your blog! The metallic jacket is perfection! You've a great sense of style! xo from NYC!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  11. Love your Leather Jacket and the shoes♥


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