October 30, 2011

Black for a day

Bag-Mango,Belt-Ferre Jeans

October 27, 2011

I'm finally back!

It been a long time since I've been here. I got a big paper to write, get ready for exams and other boring stuff.
I'm sure you all did experienced it or will.These are not the best days. Due to all that stuff I didn't even have much time to take photos. I'm really can't wait next week. It should be better,at least I hope so!
Here is my look from yesterday, but before a great song!

 I guess I was talking to my bf! :D

Shoes-bougtht in Italian local shop,
Belt-Ferre Jeans,Scarf-YLS

October 24, 2011

D&G last show ever!!!

  You all probably heard about closing of D&G line. Rumours or true?
  Well, there been a lot of fake alarms in our lifes, maybe Dominico and Stefano are doing it just to make some noise.
  I will remind you that D&G is an incorporate line of Dolce&Gabbana. D&G was created for younger generation with "fresh" casual designs and smaller price and lately it's been even more successful than Dolce&Gabbana.
Here are some photos from the latest..well and last collection of D&G.I think it's great! Idea with clothes made from silk scarves is amazing!

    Вы все, наверное, уже знаете о закрытии D&G линии. Правда или просто слухи?А может это очередной пиар?
    Хочу напомнить что D&G дочерняя линия Dolce&Gabbana. D&G - деним линия,для молодежи с более ярким дизайном и ценами пониже и в последнее время она была даже более успешна чем Dalce&Gabbana.
 Ниже представлена несколько фото из последней(в обеих смыслах этого слова) коллекции молодежного брэнда. Я думаю она замечательная,а идея использования шелковых платков в качестве материала для каждой детали просто отличная!

What do you think about these romours, is it true?
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