October 4, 2011

Get ready:Coats

As cold days are coming closer,we are all taking out our autumn clothes and of course among them we have outwear items-irreplaceble things! There are thouthends of different types of outwear. It can be jackets,blazers,coats,trenches and so on...
Of course you can buy whatever you want and whatever you like. But I think that every woman should have a few classical outwear items.

I've chosen trench and simple overcoat.
Let's start with overcoat
You may think carefully about the color of chosen item. There are 3 main colors for them:



Dark Blue
These colors will be always in trend and they easily go with other colors. You may also consider beige and burgundy,if these are your colors you'll always look good! I also suggest not to be in hurry while you are buying overcoat. Don't buy any in cheap shops,they usually look not really good and last hardly for one season.Mango,Zara,Benetton,Sisley would be perfect places to buy these things if you are interested in price range 100-300$.
Tipp: if you like you may get a duffle coat,it's always so stylish!

Now about trenches:not much to say. Perfect colors are beige and black. Again Zara,Mango,Benetton would be places to buy in range 100-200$.
 But as a great lover of trenches I'm telling you that it is ok to buy trench with price of 50$ from a budget shop. I got 6 and all of them are from different, not expensive shops,like Pilot,Benetton,Skandal(found in Croatia) and some Italian shops.

There are also other options for outwear. Like leather jacket
Blazer(if it's still warm,like here,in Hungary)
And some wooly cardigans
So girls,get ready for Autumn and don't forget that trendy item are just for a season, but classical are forever!(well for few years for sure ;) )


  1. i love it!!! they are all so chic.

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  2. Those coats are so beautiful.
    It's a very nice selection.

  3. wow I fell in love with those gorgeous coats. I want them!!!! x

  4. Love the coats! I want a brown leather jacket like those...too cute!


  5. nooo, i dont want to take out my coat, not yet! :P following u :)


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