February 27, 2012

New in

Hi guys! Sorry,I'm not posting my looks for a long period of time. I have to keep up with school,language courses and other stuff. But as soon as I will stabilize my timetable I share with you some of my looks.
So for now just a little something that i found in shops on "double" sale(really leftovers :D )

Bershka dress

Bershka cropped blazer

Zara shirt.
I guess this is best buy ever! Everything just the way i like!

2 diaries for me and my sister

Diary for my mum and art book for both of us

Stradivarius neon flats

Zara metallic flats


February 18, 2012

DIY collar

So I decided to buy white simple collar,but then it turned out that I can make one mysefl!

So simple and takes just 2 minutes:
take a shirt* that you are not wearing or buy a cheap one with a proper collar and cut it!
*pay attention to the button,whether you have it or not



February 11, 2012

DIY vest

So it's finally end of this week. School have started,I'm really glad,coz it keeps me busy. 
Am I nuts? Well,maybe,but I really hate doing nothing during holidays. However in 2 weeks,I'll say opposite thing :D
And now about winter: I really feel fine with all that snow,but I'd feel better without those huge winter jackets and coats. Girls,I'm sure, you know what I mean ;)



February 9, 2012

New in

On the last day of winter sales I ran to get those last pieces! :D
And here what I found:

1. Two bracelates from Stradivarius

2. A skirt from H&M.

3.Peach blouse from New Look

4.Monsoon chocolate scarf

5. Two leather belts from local shop

6. Fake fur collar from Stradivarius

7. Necklace and bracelate from Camaieu

8. And last and favourite: ankle boots from MaxShoes


February 6, 2012


Thought of the day:
There are so many jeans in my closet,however I always wear the same one.

               Well,since there is so much snow in Europe right now,no need to write "Snow post". 
                So I'll keep it simple and show you my one photo wearing demin shirt with fur vest. 

Jeans-River Island,Belt-Street One,
Fur vest-mum's design


February 4, 2012

Inspiration:Olsen twins

I'm definitely not fan of Olsen twins style,but sometimes some of their casual looks are great,so based on some of them I made a few sets

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