August 9, 2011

Holiday shopping

Every year I'm going to Croatia for holidays. And as we are staying there for around 3 monthes we travel somewhere not to be bored. Last year father desided to take me and mum to Italy for shopping just for 1 day.

That was awesome. We found great shopping center called  Sorelle Ramonda

It's a chain of big shopping centers.Not really shopping center,but "shops in shop". There you can find everything:
from Benetton to Versace; from shoes to hats.
During August they have great sales. Last time when we were there we went out with 4 huuuuge bags with everything you can imagine in it.

During this summer I didn't have chance to go anywhere but Croatia and just for 3 weeks. So I checked out some local shops,including some small Italian.
Btw I also like small Italian shoes shops. Quality is really good and prices are not high.

If I didnt't buy a bag it wouldn't be a shopping :D

From left to right:H&M summer bag, Balenciaga-like bag bought in Italian shop, Carpisa dark-blue bag

Shoes are also important ;)
From left to right:Dominici and Zox shoes bought in some shop(i couldn't realise what was that-they were selling everything) and Zara dreamed shoes

Small stuff...but I want to pay your attantion on one really greal thing:crystal deodorant.
This deodorant is protecting you not only from sweating but also from smell,and that is completely true.
I always have had problems with such things,but now,when I'm using that one I have -1 problem.
   This one was brought for me from Russia(but tured out that it's Italian) and I payed for it 15 Euro. Yes,it's expensive but telling you,it's worth it!
 That's how nail polish looks on my nails
 Aaaand..of course some clothes
 Golden top is my favourite here.


  1. Nice stuff :)
    Which town in Croatia do you go to?

  2. Seems you really had a great shopping day. Love the nail polish color!

    Fashion Cat

  3. Balenciaga - the best =))

    Спасибо за комментарии на моём блоге=). Я тоже теперь твой ПЧ =) только я чего-то не вижу что ты в списке моих ПЧ =((


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