June 13, 2012

DIY shorts

Hey guys! I'm sorry for not responding your messages lately. Just have so many exams to do now. Finally just one left or at least I hope so.
During preparation to the exams I've been listening some rock music,so it got inspired me for wearing this outfit. 

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I was wearing: 
DIY shorts, New Yorker jacket, Benetton tank, Mango sunglasses, H&M and Forever21 rings,bracelets and necklace.


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  1. I love DIY stuff. Now I'm planning my new blog I mean I start everything all over again and I move to wordpress. and I do a lot of DIY stuff because I got inspiration and I can't stop. I want to do shorts too, so thanks, yours is very cool I want something similar. :D

  2. I love DIY ^__^ I wish
    I have more time for
    DIY (darn school!)

    Love the shorts c:
    Good luck with your


  3. That jacket is AMAZING!!! I Love the heels with the shorts.

  4. Love these DIY shorts and how you can see the pockets, so rock and roll. Good luck on the rest of your exams.

  5. Great DIY shorts..and I love your jacket! so cool, you look hot girl!
    - Che

    Oh my FB page is just under my title :) I would follow you too :)

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  7. Your shorts looks amazing!! I love it!!
    xoxo, Chance to change

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