October 13, 2012

Why not orange?

Why I love Autunm? Coz everything is just so pretty that time! I love walking in the park surrounded with all those red,orange and rarely green leaves,holding a cup of hot chocolate. I love wearing cozy sweaters,big scarves,and warm boots. BUT! In Hungary this year Autumn is not like this at all. It's 13th of October already trees are still green and  I'm wearing blazer instead of coat! Crazy,isn't it? 
Well,that is actually why I edited those two photos above in "Autumn-like" colors. But you can actually see what it's like here these day on the photos beneath.

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I was  wearing: 
H&M jeans, New Yorker blazer, Mango sunglesses, 
Zara bag, Geox shoes, Forever 21 necklace


  1. Gorgeous suit and I love the colour!!!

  2. Sehr schönes Outfit! Die Farbe steht dir richtig gut :)

    Liebe Grüße, Lisa

  3. Looking great in orange here. Nice outfit along with some cool loafers. I also like the necklace. And of course, a cool pair of sunglasses makes anybody look cool. You're one VERY cool girl sporting these sunglasses.


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog! Super cute look, love the shoes!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  5. I love your blog and style, Stacey! I also looove this outfit!!

    would love it if you could come checkout my blog and follow each other if you'd like!


  6. beautiful outfit!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?

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