January 30, 2013

30 outfits with 30 items

Hi everyone! These days I'm pretty busy with the exams, that is why I don't have any outfit posts. But since I started to talk about basic wardrobe items in LBD post [HERE] I decided to continue this topic. This time I'm gonna do a little experiment showing you why the basic wardrobe is a must-have of every girl.

 So as you might have realized from the title of this post, I'm gonna show you 30 different outfits that you can make with 30 basic items from your closet. Of course these basics are based on what suits me, but in general it is the same for everybody. Now let's take a look at the items.
 I have chosen 3 dresses. One is definitely must-have: Little Black Dress, the other two are just colorful dresses that would be great for almost any occasion.

 White shirt, and t-shirt, striped long-sleeve t-shirt and black tank top are things that each of us should have.  The other three are simply my choice.
 Classic black blazer, Chanel-like blazer and of course cardigan for everyday look.
As for the bottoms: jeans, black classic pants that will fit you well, and printed or just one color pants will do.
I also pick 2 skirts: pencil and electric blue high-waist skirt. 
And 2 pair of shorts: denim and high-waist beige shorts.

As for the bags, I would say that a simple black bag, that you can wear to work is totally necessary, and the others are just for fun. Brown is for casual outfits, orange is the one that will make your outfit not so boring and little black one...well, you all know what it is for ;)

"Basic" shoes that you have in your closet have to be comfortable. I'm talking about "all-day-long" comfortable. Beige pumps you can change for black pumps if you want, and same you can do with flats. Ankle boots preferably black or brown and same with riding boots.

And lastly-accessories. I decided not to take any jewelry or accessories like hats and scarves, because that is totally up to you, guys. But there is only one thing that I can't exclude from my basic wardrobe are sunglasses. I simply cannot go out without them. So I have chosen cat-eye for elegant looks and beloved wayfarer for every day.

So now let's see what we can do with those 30 items!

That is pretty much it. Of course you can do way more than 30 outfits, especially if you will add more accessories and jewelry. So now, before saying " I don't have anything to wear" think carefully! There is so much you can do from what is already in your closet!


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  1. Love all items you show!

  2. oh plssssssssssss can i have no 7, great assemble. lurvn them all.

  3. I love how you styled the above outfits- what software did you use?

    1. Thank you, Nife :)
      I used Polyvore to create all of those

  4. so many great clothes and outfits

  5. Omg! I love all the looks. They are very chic, luxurious and fun especially the mix of colors and prints. :)


  6. Hi dear, love love this post, the amount of effort and flair you put into it really shines through. You have a great eye for style. Following :)

  7. i love the cobalt blue dress


  8. OMG! How many loves on those looks. My favs are 14, 20 and 9. Big kiss!

  9. Nice selection!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

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