April 7, 2013

Basics in your closet: Footwear

Last week in Basics in your closet  post I promised that I'm gonna talk about footwear in this post. So here it is: Footwear must-haves!

I decided to start with shoes, coz this is the most important must-haves and it is mostly the same for everyone. Let's start with flats!

Black flats should be a number one on your list. Black flats can be worn everywhere (except the formal events). They can easily fit in your bag, and if you feel tired walking on your heels or in a rush somewhere, you can easily change them. On the picture I placed the most popular variations of plats, and all you need to do is to choose the one you like! As a crazy lover of black flats I can say that the best are leather flats. They are the most comfortable and you don't have to be scared of the rain, unlike in the case of suede or fabric flats.   

 Nude flats are not as necessary as black, but if you think you'd like to have them, go ahead and buy them! But, take into consideration the same advise I gave for black flats.

Now to the boots and booties. When it's getting cold to wear your flats and sandals, you might wanna consider buying ankle boots. They are perfect in Autumn. I suggest you to get them in black leather with a 3-5 cm wide heel. They will  be great in rainy days. Personally I haven't found my 5 cm heeled ankle booties, instead I wear flat ankle boots made from the softest leather they could be, just like in the first picture.

 Riding boots. Oh...these are my favorite! I wear them nearly 24/7! Same thing as with ankle boots, however, these should be as simple as possible and fit you perfectly. Otherwise there is no sense to buy them. With these boots you can wear anything, they replace flats in Autumn and Winter time.
And now the most interesting part: Pumps.
Every girl want them and I'm sure most of the girls already have them. But to tell you the truth I was the one who didn't have those until recently

Christian Louboutin world famous shoe master has a selection of shoes, so as an example I took CL shoes, to make everything that I say crystal clear.

 Nude pumps are as important as black pumps. So I made picture for both of them.
Before buying black pumps you have to know many things, in order to get perfect, comfortable, and maybe for someone, everyday shoes.

 First thing to consider is how high you want your shoes to be. Is it 8 cm, 10 or 12?
In my experience 8 cm (or 8,5 cm) is the perfect height, you don't need any platform, coz they are comfortable anyway. And you can wear them practically all day.
However if you think you can handle 10 cm, then go for it! I love 10 cm without platform. In that way I feel more confident, kind of "feeling the ground". Although platform make heel 1 or 2 cm shorter.

Now 12 cm. This is something I would recommend you to get in case if you have a car. Coz even with 3 cm platform, it is still harder to move around. But if you want to get those, chose the right platform for you.
 Ok, we're done with a heel part, now to the other details.
You have to think if you want to get a peep-toe, round-toe or pointy-toe shoes. All of them are good, it is just a matter of taste. Although, think twice before buying peep-toe shoes. If you live in a country with rainy Autumn, there is no chance you are going to wear them often.

 You should also think about platform. As I already mentioned platform can make you high heel easier to handle, however it may be not very comfortable for you. So all you can do is just try. Also you should know how thick you would like your heel to be.

 I haven't said anything yet about material. With that, I can't really help you. It's your decision to make. But, take into consideration you weather conditions ;)

Well, I guess that is pretty much it. Just one last thing to say: I really recommend you to invest some money in these items, coz if you buy a comfortable and well made pair of shoe it will be in your closet for very long time.
I hope this was useful information, and I'll be glad to hear you opinion, what do you prefer and maybe some tips that you would like to share with me.

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  1. Definitely wanting those black ankle booties! So perfect!
    xo TJ

  2. Awesome shoes!!! Do you wanna follow each other on bloglvin! I we alredy following on GFC before, but GFC is soon coming to end. So we can stay in touch on Bloglovin!


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