October 22, 2013

Halloween costume ideas ( Part 1 )

Hi folks! As you know Halloween is so close so you'd better find a great costume for yourself. I had collected some ideas for you, so if you are interested keep on reading.

I have noticed that most of the costumes are usually rented, but I do suggest you to make your own (I'm sure you don't want to bump into a girl wearing the exact same outfit)

If you are attending dinner party or something else where you have to be dressed decently than here is what you can wear:

1. Audrey Hepburn

Very classy outfit would be perfect for any occasion. Put on a black dress, long gloves, pearls, and don't forget to put up your hair!

2. Marilyn Monroe

You can wear one of her famous dresses or just simply go in loose turtle neck and high waisted pants. In both case don't forget to get a wig and put on some red lipstick.

 3. Pin up style

You don't have to come to your dinner in bathing suit, pin up is all about those retro looks in polka dot or stripy dresses. Or you could wear a pair of high waist jeans and tied up shirt. In all cases think of your make up and hair updo.

4. Clueless

How many times did you guys watched this movie? Isn't it amazing?! If you love Clueless then you should definitely go for preppy outfit, and don't forget your 90's cell phone! ;)

If you were planning to dress up as a celebrity for a party, then I suggest you pick a good one. The one that will be easy to recognize. 

1. Beyonce

She don't have her famous outfit, but she has hot body! If you are not afraid to show up half naked then prepare for yourself "Ego"  or "Single ladies" outfit. I think they are the most recognizable. And if you have 2 friends who are as brave as you are, than all you need to do now is learn some Beyonce moves so you can rock the dance floor!

2. Lady Gaga

She always amazed us with her outfits, so if you want to you can make one of those costumes she was wearing. However if you don't have time or maybe you want to look like "classy Gaga" then put on a black dress, high heels(veeery high preferably) and don't forget about the accessories!

3. Madonna in 80's

She was a hell of a rock star in the 80's! Even after 30 years people are still inspired by her looks. Celebrities wear her famous white dress and legging outfit on Halloween and look totally awesome. If you like this idea, then you've got to go through your mom's closet ;)

4. Nicki Minaj

She is one of those who would be recognized everywhere. So if you have decided to go as Nicki, don't overthink your outfit. Put on the brightest, freakiest and sexiest clothes that you have, high heels, wig and you are ready!
Oops! Forgot the most important thing- make up. Make up is really important in Nicki's outfit. Use only bright colors and huge eyelashes.

5. Miley Cyrus

Well, this year Miley rock the entire music industry with her VMAS performance. So if you're up for twerking, get a Miley Cyrus costume.


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