March 31, 2015

Fashion Week Budapest


 Last Saturday I got chance to drop by Budapest Fashion Week. Unfortunatelly I could stay only for 2 shows, but I totally happy I decided to come.
If you guys follow me on Instagram you probably know that I absolutelly loved last fashion week ( or shall I say fashion days?)  in Autumn.
So I was very excited to visit this time as well. I totally loved the location of it. It was at Varkert Bazar, that is exactly the same place where we shoot my last outfit with Detty. I must say, there were definitelly much less people compared to the previous time, and maybe I know the reason behind it- unless you were invited you had to stand during all shows. Which is quite annoing, coz we all know that it's quite hard to be on feet all day, especially when you are wearing heels.
Except that , I loved the whole atmosphere of it. Got together with my friends,met some new people, watched couple of shows, and ran back to the city center to continue with my errands.


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