April 22, 2015

ELLE fashion days 2015

Last Saturday I visited couple of shows from ELLE fashion days. The place was the same as for the Budapest Fashion Week - Varkert Bazar. Seems like it is incredibly popular this year.
I couldn't say much about it, since I was there for only 2 hours. However I definitely noticed that organization was excellent compared to Toni and Guy Fashion Week Budapest . Registration was very easy, there were workshop throughout a day, shows started on time, and unlike TGFWB there were enough seats for most of the people and it was all arranged so everyone can actually see and enjoy the shows.

There were 3 French designers: Lea Peckre, Valentine Gauthier and Etienne Deroeux, and 4 Hungarian : Dori Tomcsanyi, Maison Marquise, Nude by Nubu, Zigi.

 I absolutely loved Valentine Gauthier's designs! You have to see for yourself
So scroll down for photos!

Valentine Gauthier

 Etienne Derdeux

 Dori Tomcsanyi 

Nude by NUBU



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