May 2, 2015


Ever since I moved to Budapest I've started my crazy obsession with thrift shopping. I've been finding such an amazing pieces, and I'm sure you guys have already noticed that now almost every outfit I post either here or on Instagram features at least one thrifted item.

My favorite thrift shop is Humana Vintage Butik at Astoria. I wouldn't say that everything is so amazing but if you look through carefully you will find many treasures there. That's how I got this amazing yellow coat.
To be honest I am not a fan of yellow color at all . As a matter of fact I think I only had one yellow item in my closet. But when I saw it I just couldn't leave it there and it turned out that it looks amazing with my new Koton heels!

- Zara; 
Basic top - Wolford;
Shoes - Koton;
   Coat - Vintage (Humana Vintage Butik);
 Bag - DUDU bags ;
Necklace - Stradivarius;
Sunglasses - Prada.


  1. I'm loving the colors matching and your yellow coat! So cute :))

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