December 8, 2015

Marie Claire Fashion Days 2015 pt 2

So the second part of my blog MCFD post I decided to dedicate to 3 designers that I absolutely love.

Of course I am still completely in love with Virag Kerenyi and Nora Sarman designs.
NS has beautiful flowy dresses, very simple yet always unique and somewhat romantic.
On Another note I am crazy in love with Virag's design. You guys have probably never seen me in sequins, I'm always up for solid colors and textures. But I am crazy in love with embellishments. If you ever go though my Pinterest you'll find quite a lot of them. And if I ever go "sequins" again, I would go all the way. That I why I am so drawn to Virag Kerenyi designs. So far the are my favorite!

I wish though, I've manage to take better pictures . . . 

So last year at MCFD I saw Romani Design show and I was waiting for that show so impatiently , since many people admire their designs.  Unfortunately I was not impressed. In fact I thought so many items looked like we were back to 2000's (for me this was the worst decade for fashion).
I disliked the material, the colors and everything looked so cheap.
However this year I completely fell in love with the designs and the ideas!
I fell in love with colors this year , flowers and of course those hats! Oh don't get me started on those.
There were also several designs inspired by fashion icons of all times, I'm pretty sure you will be able to recognize them.

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  1. Seems like a fantastic fashion event! Truly pleased to see these pictures. I am a huge fan of fashion events but could never attend any live show. Now couple of them are happening at local Seattle Venues and will try to attend those.


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