June 2, 2011

Last year prom

As time for this year's proms is comming I would like to share with you something.

As I graduated from school last year I had the same problems as every girl-which dress to wear.
I was planning to design my own dress,like i did it after 9 form 2 years ago(in my country we have 2 proms-after 9 grade and 11). That year with my mum's help we designed simple dress with flower print,wich was main trend last year.
And for 2010 prom we bought huge number of dresses and we were deciding for too long.
But we stoped on 2 main ideas(as I decided that I need one dress for ceremony and another for restaurant)
That was really funny,coz again these two dresses become trendy only this year :D

So here is the first one:
(unfortunatelly I couldn't find good photos of dress)

with my favourite mum

second one

 And I would also like to share with you my look for performance in shool on prom(that was kind of fashion show)

P.S jewelry which you saw on me,designed by my mum.




  1. i love your dresses they are so pretty.
    you have amazing style.
    p.s- i'm following you, i hope you will follow me too =)

  2. Thank you so much for following my blog. I´m glad that you like it! :)
    I love the dresses that you´re wearing!



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