September 11, 2012

Back to blogging

So here I am! After long 2 month vacation I'm back to blogging.
It's been a great summer for me I hope you guys also had fun.
Now I'm back in town where I study. I'm getting ready for school,doing all that boring but importatnt stuff.
And for those things I chose high-waisted shorts with white top,nude bag and black ballerinas.
And girls, don't forget to send me links to  facebook pages for your blogs, I'd love to follow your blogs on facebook! And of course I'd be glad if you'll like my page !


I was wearing: 
 Promod shorts, Moschino belt, 
Mango sunglasses, bag and flats bought in random Italian shop 

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  1. Welcome back and you look amazing!!!

  2. very chic shorts and bag!! amazing combination in earthy tones!!

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Very cool outfit from a super-cool girl like yourself! Nice combination here with the shorts and the flats.


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