September 26, 2012

Blue dress

Ok,so I guess I'm not really good at this. I promised to start blogging again,but as you saw I have no post for last 2 weeks. Well maybe right now I can actually say that I'll be blogging more,but still can't promise anything. :P

While it's steel warm outside I'm trying to enjoy these days,wearing dresses and shorts. For today's look I chose blue laced dress that my boyfriend got for me yesterday with black accessories.

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I was wearing: 
 H&M dress, Clarks shoes, 
Miss Sixty sunglasses.

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  1. Blue is such a lovely color (at least to me), and you wear it beautifully and with a beautifully blue dress. Then too, a lovely pair of peep-toe pumps to go with it doesn't hurt, either. Nice outfit! I also like the sunglasses and the necklaces.

  2. The dress is so so amazinggggg on you and you look spectacular in it!

  3. просто красавица! очень красивый женственный образ! приезжай в Бухарест, тебе близко от Дебрецена.

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