December 13, 2012

Perfect presents for men

No doubt many will be starting their Christmas shopping this month and may even have gift ideas in mind. However, buying for a male friend, relation or partner can be difficult, so check out our brief guide for inspiration on what to get that tricky-to-buy-for man.

Often men will feign a lack of interest in fashion, seeing clothes and shoes as part of a woman’s domain. But don’t be fooled! Just because they may not enjoy the experience of clothes shopping as much as many women, doesn’t mean that style is not high on their agenda. A key piece of winter wear makes an ideal gift, and top of the trends this season is a quilted jacket. Warm, practical and stylish too, check out online stores for a range of padded gilets and full length coats.

A man needn’t be a foodie to appreciate a gourmet gift. Think high quality versions of every day products – speciality cheeses, pickles and sauces can be picked up from local farmers markets. Add a top notch bottle of wine or your man’s favourite tipple and package the items together in a home-made hamper.

Buying the latest gadget can be a pricey option, so instead why not opt for tech accessories? A pair of high quality headphones can be picked up for a snip of the cost of a music player, though can often make a huge difference to sound quality. If he’s into sport, in-ear headphones will stay put whilst working out, or lovers of all things retro will appreciate oversized, coloured headphones.

Men may not spend quite as much on beauty products as women, but the male grooming market has boomed in recent years. The wide range of products available today are far from feminine: look for brands like Hugo Boss and Clinique which have ‘manly’ packaging and are perfect for the more grooming-shy guy!
With just a few ideas to get you started, shopping for a male relation or partner should be simple – browse a wealth of options from online stores and shop local too, considering produce and farmers markets.



  1. The headphone is my choice for my best friend, he is getting a DrDre from me this Christmas!

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