December 10, 2012

Trend alert: Velvet

One of the trends this winter is velvet - my personal favorite.

Fendi, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Chloe and Ralph Lauren 

Many designer brands have already placed velvet items in stores.
However cheaper brands also have velvet in stock.

 I found places where you can find velvet clothes and pay less.

First, tops. House of Fraser and offers you simple velvet T-shirt,that will look casual.
If you are looking for something more attractive you can try peplum top from New Look.

 Blazers. Velvet blazers are simply the best! I think everyone should have at least one velvet blazer in their closet. Personally I have 6 velvet blazers, even tho I don't wear them, I just like them hanging in my closet :D

 Skirts. I'm not really a fan of velvet skirts, 
but if you like them here is where you can get them:

Dresses. There are plenty of velvet dresses, 
so here are just 4 that I like the most:

 Shoes. I think loafers are the best shoes if we are talking about velvet. 
But if you like heels or boots check those place:

Bags. Not really bags,but clutches. You don't usually carry an everyday velvet bag. I don't think it's really smart to get it. In everyday use it will just look too much and will always get dirty. So the best is to get a pretty small velvet clutch that will make your outfit look stunning.

And here are some sets for you in case you have no idea how to wear it.
But be careful: do not wear too much velvet! The best thing is to wear just one velvet item.



  1. Love velvet and love your perfect selection

  2. I love velvet clothes!

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    much love.x

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  4. I love velvet and all these items are just perfect, those Michael Antonio booties are breathtaking. I really like the way you put outfits together!!


  5. Love this trend!

  6. awesome tips and pieces dear! love the velvet trend xx

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