May 10, 2013

Basics in your closet: Pants

We are back to Basics in your closet  post and we'll have a look at the pants that every girl should have in her closet!

I'll start with jeans. I am 100% sure that every girl nowadays has a pair of jeans. But how many should we have? This question is pretty tough, coz personally I own around 14 pair, however I hardly wear 2 of them. 
For starters, I would recommend buying 2 pairs. 1st pair should be skinny or straight, and the 2nd is totally up to you,whether it is wide-leg jeans, boyfriend etc.

 The other type of pants that you have to have is black pants.
Black pants perfect item to wear to almost any formal meeting or event. And of course you can also wear it for any event that you want, depending on a style of pants.
I would recommend to buy classic straight pants, they will look perfectly with black blazer.

And finally skinny army green pants. Personally I think that they can replace jeans, coz they are super comfy, unlike some jeans, even though they are skinny.They will look good with brown and beige colors in your everyday outfit.

And last thing is that you should buy pants based on how they fit you, not the way they look. Coz if they won't fit you right, not only it will look weird, but you also won't feel comfortable in them, especially in jeans.
I hope this post was usefull for you!

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  1. great pick of pants, I don't think I could live without a few pairs of jeans in my wardrobe.

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