June 12, 2013

Denim Overalls 2

I'm sure you all have been in situation when you put together this awesome outfit, but there is no one to take pictures of you. At that moment white wall at your place is your best friend.
Well, my "best friend" made itself useful this week! As I told you guys in previous post that I'm totally obsessed with overalls, I wore it again, BUT with the nude heels and red leather jacket this time.
I also felt like wearing something unusual around my neck, so I wore 3 necklaces at a time.
What do you think about it?

 I was  wearing: 
   Authentic Denim overalls, New Yorker jacket,
Blink heels, H&M  orange necklace
Stradivarius pink necklace, DIY chain+ green rhinestone necklace 


  1. I like this look and your nice necklaces.


  2. Hi dear, this is truly fabulous styling! I love how glam the overalls look!

  3. Super pretty outfit! I love the jacket!! ^^

    Big kiss,

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