June 6, 2013

Denim overalls

I've been obsessed with overals for a while now. And now I finally have a chance to wear them!
They are so comfy and cool!
I like them coz the remind me of 90's, and for those who have been reading my blog for a while now, might have noticed that I'm a little ( if we can say so) obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210 series and of course 90's fashion.

Since I had to spend whole day in library I wore my overalls with flats and leather jacket.
However I'd love to wear them with a pair of simple heeled sandals.
Do you like overalls? And how would you wear them?

  I was  wearing: 
   Authentic Denim overalls, New Yorker jacket,
H&M necklace
, bag from a local store


  1. I love overalls and wear them everyday, except when I'm flying (metal detectors :) and for very business-oriented meeting, but on campus, café, at home etc. and you look fantastic, it really looks as if you enjoy the quality of overalls being able to relax and breathe all way down, I like your overalls, do you have double set of pockets on your legs, above each other ? overall greetings from another overall obsessed guy , Niels

  2. oh i love overalls! they look so cute:) really like the combination with a white shirt <33
    lots of love x

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