December 27, 2013

How to organize your makeup

 1. Sort it out!

          How many of you own lipstick that was used only once, or eyeshadows that were not used coz it's too bright, but you got it coz it seemed like a great idea at that time? I bet everyone have at least one thing. So decide how you want to get rid of it. If it's new, give it to your friend, who uses the same, if not, just trow it away, and if you REALLY think it will be perfect for upcoming New Year party, then leave it.

2. Analyze

Analyze how much space do you need for your make up,
 where whould you like it to be and how it sould be stored.

Decide whether you would like your make up to be in drawers or on the table, where you can see it. Also see if you can use your walls, it might save you same space in/on the table.

3. Search

You never know what kinds of things might be usefull at least expected moment. So go around your house and see if there is anything you don't use. Maybe after your done with your delicious strawberry jam, you could use jar for storing the brushes or barely used stationery cup, for example.

4. Measure

Before rushing to the store, buying all those storage boxes, measure the space. Measure everything literally! That way you could analyze how you will place everything

5. Buy

5.1 Jars/ Cups

It's really conviniant to keep your brushes vertically, so get some clear glass jars or big cups, they will be perfect for it. You can also search for some other things in tableware or flower shop that would be perfect for storing brushes.

5.2 Clear containers

They seems to be very popular now. No wonder, coz they are great for storing things. you can chose any layout that you want and keep your makeup organized + you can easily find what you want.

5.3 Dividers

These are perfect if you are planning to keep everything in drawers, choose whatever size you need and you won't search for anything anymore.

5.4 Stationery dividers

If you are looking for something cheaper, then stationary dividers would be perfect, you can also check the food containers, they are also great for storing most of the things.

5.5 DIY

If you are creative enough just DIY your little drawer, or your brush "cup". It's cheap plus you can always customise it the way you want.

6. Decorate

Well, now, that you finally done with organizing, add a personal touch to that little space of yours.


  1. Where did you get the pre-made dividers where you lipsticks, blush and single shadows are????

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