February 21, 2014

Everyday makeup routine

 Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you my favourite day-to-day makeup products. I enjoy reading posts like this, coz I always find something new for myself, and I hope you will find something for yourself in my post :)

Let's start with foundation.
It's been 2 and half years since I started using BB cream on a daily basis and I'm loving it! It does not give you good coverage, it only evens your skin tone. However I don't like foundations, I don't feel comfortable wearing them, and most importantly I don't look natural.
At first I was using Garnier BB cream, however since they have only 2 colors it was an option only for Summer and Autumn, when I have tanned skin. So later I found Catrice BB cream. And it matched my skin tone perfectly! However after a while I realise that it dried up my skin and before I can recover it I had to find something else.
After couple of hours of research, I made my decision and bought Maybelline BB cream. Which was indeed a good choice.

Concusion: If you have dry skin, Maybelline will definitely good for you. However if your skin is oily, try Catrice. Also Catrice BB cream in 10 is perfect for those who usually have trouble finding BB cream suitable for thier pale skin tone.

As for powder, I use Mirra, which in Russian brand and unfortunatelly is sold only in few countries like Russian, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and few others (Check more info on Mirra official web page - http://www.mirra.ru/ ). I just love it and if you have an opportunity to buy it, I really recommend you to do so.

 As for concealer I use Catrice, however I use it very rare, so if you use it often, I don't think it's the best choice.

 As for the eye makeup I use Nude palette by Catrice with an Essence eyeshadow base, Bourjois eye pencil, Miss Sporty black eyeshadow to go over pencil and Essence mascara, with I find pretty good.

Before I apply any lipstick of lipgloss I always use balm. This two were given to me by my friends and I absolutelly love them. You can get them at Oriflame.

I already told you that I love looking natural in a daytime, so almost all the lip products that I use are neutral color. I don't use lipstick very often, but if I do my favourite is Kiko and Catrice.

 And resently I found this absolutely amazing matt lipgloss my Essence. It's indeed matt and look amazing!

Here are some other lipglosses that I like:
1,2. L'oreal; 3. BeYu (all time favourite); 4. Catrice; 5,6. Essence; 7. Dior

Another interesting thing that I recently found is Gel tint by Essence. I use it with clear lipgloss by Essence

And here is what I usually carry with me: Bebe lipbalm, Catrice lipgloss, H&M powder brush, Mirra compact powder.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'd love to know your opinion on thes products! 


  1. Зайка моя, так жалко , что у нас нет catrice .надо попробовать новые блески от essence

    1. Блески обязательно попробуй! Они замечательные!

  2. I'm loving this post! Really good <3


  3. You have such a terrific collection of makeup!

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