March 20, 2014

Long awaited new in

Hi everyone! I am super excited coz two weeks ago I received long awaited Birkin look alike and want to share my thoughts on it with you. If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw the bag, however I decided to make a  post showing you all the details of it.

Some of you might remember from my previous posts that I have a green Kelly look alike and I absolutely adore it! And since I needed a simple black bag for everyday use, I decided to get a Birkin look alike.

My aim was to buy a real leather bag, with no logo, and spend not more than 200$

The only problem was that it is very hard to find it in the exact same shape as Birkin. Most of the bags that I found looked like this:

After a while I finally found a seller on eBay that had a perfect Birkin look alike and pretty good feedback concerning bags that he/she sells. And bag itself was perfect on the pictures, so I crossed my fingers and ordered it.

Oh, by the way, here is the photo from their store:

Since I ordered the bag on 18th of February and it was a free shipping item from somewhere in Asia, the earliest time of delivery was 19th of March. However it arrived on 5th of March, 2 weeks earlier and I was so damn happy, coz I thought I could never wait for it to arrive. When I opened the box  and removed the dust bag, I almost fell unconscious. The bag was simply AMAZING!

Frankly, I wasn't expecting anything like that, I thought it would be worse. But I'm telling you, it was love at first sight. If you don't believe me, check the pictures below!


The bag is just gorgeous, isn't it?
So here are my thoughts about it:
What I love about it:

- it's a sturdy, nice square shaped bag, just like real Birkin
- it fits a lot
- goes with almost everything, so it's a perfect bag for everyday use
- hardware is flawless
- even though the bag is sturdy, the leather is soft
- all stitching is perfect

However there were 3 things that I didn't like about the bag:

- the length was suppose to be 35 cm but it's 2 cm shorter, and even though it doesn't make much difference, coz I still can fit A4 format folder, I'd still love to have those 2 cm of extra space.
- lining is a PU (yes, I was expecting real leather)
- and this caused a strong smell inside the bag. (So I aired it out for 2 days then I stuffed it with newspaper, put it in the plastic bag , threw some cedar balls and left it for one more day.

All in all the bag worth the money that I spent on it.
 It is great investment and I know that I'll be using it a lot.

Here is the link of a seller on eBay:

And if you will decide to buy this bag, I'd be glad to hear your opinion on it! ;)


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