April 13, 2014

Perfect Beach Tote

I'm sure at least one of 10 girls already thought about summer wardrobe. So did I.
I've been thinking to purchase a summer tote, that will be colorful and big enough to fit all the beach necessities. And when I was searching for that perfect bag of mine, I realized that I need to consider few things. That is also what I suggest you to do.
 So here are some of the important things that you have to think of before buying another tote bag:

1. Where are you going to carry it?

This is THE most important question. If you are planning to carry this bag only to the beach or pool in summer time, than you can go for see-through, textile or straw tote. But if you are considering buying a bag both for going to the beach and running errands in the city or even taking it to work on a super busy day, then you have to exclude all types that I mentioned above and should definitelly go for a leather bag.

2. How often are you planning to use it?

This question is closely connected with the next one. So you really need to think whether you are going to use it only in summer or you might as well use it during spring and/or autumn?

3. How much are you planning to spend?

Make sure you decide about it based on two previous questions as well. 
Of course we can take some money from our savings account for the house/car/university to buy an awesome Louis Vuitton beach tote. But is it really worth spending a lot of money on something you'd wear only in summer for a few weeks (especially if you are on a budget) ?

I hope that these tips will help you choosing your perfect beach tote, and now you can check some super cute bags with different price range that I've chose for you guys! ;)

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