October 16, 2015

5 must haves this season

1. Flared jeans

I say that flared jeans have to be in ones wardrobe, although it might not be everybody's cup of tea, I still consider them a must-have piece.

What: Flared or wide leg jeans with high rise waist
Why: they make your legs look longer

2. Block heel boots

My perfect heel is a block heel, weather it is boots or sandals.

What: 5-8 cm block heeled ankle/knee high boots in brown or black leather or suede
Why: comfy and stylish

3. Suede everything

No need for further explanation. Suede is hot this season. Make sure You get yourself a statement piece like a skirt or splurge a little and buy a trench coat.
Also please remember when buying a real suede piece consider the costs for frequent dry cleaning and of course the weather conditions in your country

What: suede piece of clothing, preferably in brown , dark green or black colour
Why: ultimate statement piece

4. brown cross body

As much as I do love bags (that's the only accessory that I can never stop buying) I am against buying unnecessary pieces every time trends are changing. While it is not a necessity  to purchase a bucket or a fringe bag, brown cross body will come in handy even 10 years from now

What: brown leather cross body bag
Why: useful timeless item

5. Bell sleeve

Bell sleeves are not for everyone but it sure makes your outfit look  a little more interesting

What: bell sleeve white shirt
Why: cuter then your average white shirt

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