October 31, 2015

All you need to know about Glamour Days

In 5 years that I've been living in Hungary it's a first time I "participated" in Glamour Days organized by Glamour magazine. I've always seen the ad and knew what it was, but in Ukraine we don't have a so to say culture of coupons. So I never felt attraction to it, until this year when my colleague brought the magazine to work place and shared with me the world of amazing discounts.

Not thinking a minute longer I rushed to the shopping mall to get those bits and pieces. When afterwards I posted a picture of my newly purchased treasures I received a ton of questions from my fellow expat friends ( who lived in Hungary for same time, some even longer! ) about these discounts and how one can get them.
So here I am writing a post on all you need to know about Glamour Days (in Hungarian: Glamour Napok)
All items from H&M for 20% off

Glamour Days are organized, as mentioned previously , by Glamour magazine. It is a 3 day period of discounts up to 50% off (maybe 70% off, not quite sure on that one, probably this happens once a million years) in many different shops including clothing shops, make up and cosmetics, cafes and restaurants


Twice a year in mid spring and mid autumn


Go and get yourself a glamour magazine. It includes a booklet with many coupons that you would need to cut out. Each shop has different discounts and terms for it. The discounts valid only 3 days that are mentioned in the magazine. Hand over coupon when paying for your purchase. Easy as that!

Beyonse Rise perfume 50% off (from DM)
 Good to know

While it might sound easy and incredibly attractive , coz who doesn't want 40% discount to Yves Rocher, it's get a little tricky as well, so here are some of the tips:

1. DO READ what's on the back of the coupon.

When I rushed to Yves Rocher with my 40% off coupon I actually ended up buying only face powder with it and bunch of other things that I didn't really have to buy. Reason why? Because coupon states that: 1 coupon can be used for only one item; items with green dot on price tag cannot be bought with coupon; coupon cannot be combined with other discounts. And of course almost everything was either marked with green dot or on ridiculous 8% discount

2. Be aware of huge line

Many people are actually taking day off from work to go shopping during these sales, so of course you would have to wait quite some time.

3. Plan ahead

Make sure you have a list of places you need to go, it might get overwhelming with going through all of those coupons every time you pass "another store that might have sale" 
 Maybelline The Nudes pallet, Rimmel foundation and BB cream, Max Factor corrector, Astor powder all 50% off, Yves Rocher powder 40% off, Essence eye shadow base 25 % off
4. Try to shop in 1st day

That's kinda obvious, isn't it?

5. Pre-shop

A week before (or even two) buy a magazine-yes they are available- and go around the shops that are going to have discounts. Make a list of things you want to buy.

6. Call other shops

If you happen to not find the right size for that really amazing shoes in a specific shop, ask assistant to check whether they have it in another location.

7. Spend smart

Of course that goes along with having a planning ahead. Many clothing shops offer only 20% off, of course it's great for buying things that might not be there for a after Christmas sale, but otherwise think twice before getting it.
Maybelline mascara and lipbalm, Rimmel lipstick 50% off
  • Inditex group does not have sales
  • Shop assistants will not lay away the items.
  • Magazines are sold out day or two in advance, but you still might find them in some places. Try newspaper shops in the city center
  • Biggest discounts are offered for cosmetics and make up

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