April 21, 2011

Heidi Kummli

Recently I found one interecting article about beadwork. I'm not interesting in such things,but this one made me open my mouth sooo wide
You should have a look!

 "Heidi's beadwork is an expression of herself, and her feelings for our Mother Earth and the creatures upon her. Through researching Native American beadwork techniques and trial and error, her work has continually evolved. Heidi started working with beads in 1975 and remembers making jewelry even as a young child. She currently lives on 12 acres west of Boulder, Colorado with her husband Gregg, and their son Benjamin age 15. Their home is totally off the grid. The sun and a back up generator is all they need to power their home. Heidi has won numerous design awards throughout her career
 Heidi hopes that through her work she can share the beauty that surrounds her
and give the wearer a since of oneness with the world the earth and creatures upon her.

 (That's my favourite)



  1. Heidi's beadwork is absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for sharing it...

  2. These are really authentic and cool. I like the idea of wearing such a statement iece with just jeans and a white t. love.

  3. yeah! i was thinking about the same thing! ;)

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