April 20, 2011

Spring !!!

 I was always complaining about weather in Debrecen. You never know what to expect.
But this week spring is finally here.
  •  First of all i went shopping for "spring details".
As I'm not alowed to shop anymore I didn't buy a lot.

Of course I went to my favourite H&M

and bought this 2 rings(orange&purple)
and shades from Six which I couldn't imagine on me,
but i was mistaken-they are really good!

  • Second,I took my MP3 for spring mood,boyfriend and camera,which suppose to be together :D 

So here what I got:
(Song for spring mood...


 Shoes Triest,Jeans Zara,
Blazer Polo Garage,
Shades Six,Scarf bought in Croatia

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  1. Thanks for your message on IFB! Lovely blog!



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