April 20, 2011

Here we go!

It's my first day here.
I still don't know what to write,but,probably,I should tell you 'bout myself.

This year I entered University of Debrecen and really happy 'bout that.( Of course it's nothing to do here,in Debrecen,but it's a great place for those who really wanna study.)
I like classical art. Singing very loudly when nobody is at home. I prefer meat to fish and t-shirts to sleeveless shirts.

Last year I realised that I'm keen on fashion,I'd rather say "on creating looks"...I realise that I have quite big wardrobe,so it means that I can use it! And since then I have only one dream: wanna have room for clothes,where everything would be in order.
And there is one thing that I'm confused about:my style.As I don't have it,I'm trying everything,and  really don't know that should i do with it. That's my question.


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