April 29, 2011


Rock trend is getting more and more popular. More studded shoes,bags,jackets,etc.And more pop singers are following this trend.
I remember my first inspiration was Avril and Pink. And I still use their songs in case I forget that I should speak up ;D 

I guess everybody remember how Pink was cool 
several years ago with her rock style.

Then,probably,Avril Lavigne

Rihanna changed her style a lot since she became very famous.
Usually I find it ridiculous,but sometimes I wanna keep some looks 
in my mind 

Kesha,of course.New pop-rock singer and her songs inspire me.
But as for me her looks are too "dirty".I wouldn't use them in everyday life.

Miley Cyrus
That's really what I like.Casual and comfortable.

Whose style you like more?

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